photo of artist Susan Lawrence

Susan Lawrence

Painting is the language of my soul. It is a way my heart and mind can be connected to the evolving world around me. I have painted landscapes and portraits as well as abstracts. Each body of work represents time and space and energy around me.

This new Work is a Tribute to Mother Earth. Each landscape is infused with reverence and love for our dear planet. I am inspired by a ray of sunlight passing through pine boughs, a crashing wave upon the shore, distant horizons pulsating with pink light and dusk in the desert.

I am equally inspired by intimate conversations, lovers sharing a glance between themselves, the age-old wisdom, and creases along the brow lines of elder members of humanity. I find communicating and giving to be one of the most fulfilling gifts in life.

My painting is a mirror of the majestic beauty and intimacy I see around me. It connects me to source and love and sometimes pains as well. It is my breath.