Pablo and Efraín Castro

Pablo and Efraín Castro

Evoking Timeless Landscapes Through Art

Brothers Pablo Castro and Efraín Castro have blossomed into a dynamic artistic duo, their collaborative efforts extending beyond the confines of conventional painting.

The Mexico City-based duo are also the sons of the famous painter, Efraín Castro. Over a decade, they seamlessly blended their unique artistic styles, giving rise to a shared expression.

The atmospheres they conjure through their oil paintings, often enhanced with innovative textures, transport viewers into a realm where the boundaries between reality and abstraction blur. The duo's concept of space transcends the mere depiction of physical landscapes; it becomes a conduit for emotions and sensations, inviting the audience to experience a profound connection with the intangible.

the earliest art schools in the Americas, bringing formal training to the duo. In contrast, Efraín Castro has pursued a diverse array of courses and is largely self-taught. His works have graced the walls of various exhibitions across Mexico City and have found homes in the collections of art enthusiasts worldwide.