Derek Monturiol

Derek Monturiol

Sculpting the Beauty Within

Born in New Jersey in 1969, with family roots stretching across Spain and Scotland. Derek's own journey has taken him through various countries in Europe, South, and Central America, shaping his perspective on art, sculpting, and life.

Derek’s mantra, "The beauty lies within” guides his creation and echoes in every sculpture he makes. His artistic philosophy revolves around the idea that true beauty lies beneath the surface, waiting to be revealed and celebrated.

He was raised in several countries of South and Central America, and graduated from the University of California at Riverside. After completing his education, Derek relocated to Mexico, contributing to the expansion of his family's business, while traveling across the Orient, Europe, and Latin America.

In this continuously changing environment, he learned to find what is special in each place, each person he encounters, each life situation, or each “abandoned” piece of wood.

Derek Monturiol’s art invites you to join on a journey of discovery, where each sculpture is a testament to the unique and extraordinary in every corner of life.