photo of artist Dana Dion

Dana Dion

Dana Dion is a professional contemporary artist living and working in Sydney, Australia. Inspired by the Australian landscape, her works are expressive and abstract. Dana's paintings reflect the inner expression of her journey while exploring the world. When asked how she describes painting she states, “for me painting is meditative. This is how I go into another world. I am awake, I am alert, yet completely absorbed in the act of painting…not thinking of anything else.”

Born in Tel-Aviv, and traveling between Israel and East Africa throughout her early childhood, Dion and her family moved to Vancouver in 1974 where she got her start as an artist painting murals on the walls of her school. Throughout her many travels, her work is a direct reflection of this peripatetic life, expressing her connection to these different landscapes.

Dion's paintings provide a unique experience, marked by texture and vibrancy, with a strong belief in connectivity, and the boundless borders that she has lived and breathed throughout her life.