photo of artist Christian Albarracin

Christian Albarracín

Christian Albarracín is a publicist and visual artist from the city of Bogotá; with experience in research, design, implementation, and realization of social and cultural projects within different communities. The series "City Subjects" is composed of a set of works made from three-dimensional compositions on layers of Maule paper. With this technique, the artist seeks to create three-dimensionality, and naturalness and represent the collective imaginaries within multiculturalism. The pieces are perceived as gestures captured in an instant photograph, which freeze and endow the final image with movement.

The City Subjects pieces are composed of between 500 and 890 layers of paper — they are created by analyzing human bodies topographically, just as a surveyor would analyze mountains and valleys. "Each work is an architectural model, a human topography," says Albarracín. The works are based on the personal and ethnographic exercise carried out by Albarracín.